Painless Configuration Management For Teams

Whether you're big, small or somewhere in between, managing and securing configurations accross your team and environments is hard. We make it easy.

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Courier helps you release new configurations with out deploying new versions. See what version of your configuration is running at anytime through our applications


Our API first design allows you build out an implement any type of integration you can imagine. We can help you get started and build out the integration


Sharing your configurations is as easy as downloading our application to a new team members computer.



End to End Encrypted

All of your configurations are encrypted from machine to machine. The only things capable of reading your configurations are the devices you grant access to.

Painless User Interface

Wether you like to work with the CLI or perfer desktop applications, we made ease of use a priority. Security and Simplicity don't have to compete.



No Servers to Manage

Gone are the days you have to manage complex systems to secure and manage your application's configuration.

Versioned Configurations

See what your configurations are at any given time. Track and audit changes accross your applications. Pull any given version and run that locally.



Zero Deployment Configuration Updates

Never risk another deployment just to rotate secrets or update configuration. Just update your configuration in our application and it will get delivered to your applications without needing to restart or redeploy.

API First Design

Powered by a descriptive GraphQL API, Courier is API first and API driven. Make courier work with any of your use cases.



Easily Share Configurations Across Applications

With Courier, all of your configurations accross your organization can be granted access to projects with in the org. Need credentials for that API for local development? Simply grant access and refrence it in your configuration.

Painless setup

Spend time doing the things that are important. We’ll do the rest.

Our set up is painless. You install an SDK or our agents and we worry about deploying and delivering your configurations.

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